Peter Lu

KEDP Group Founder / China & Taiwan CPA

KEDP Group Funder/China & Taiwan CPA

Areas of Expertise: Trusts and Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Individual Asset & Tax Planning, Cross-border Asset Planning


Peter Lu is the chairman and founder of KEDP CPAs Group. Previously, as a partner at Ernst & Young, Peter led the Individual Taxation Team for more than 15 years, specializing in cross-border wealth heritage planning, family trust set-up, investment holding structure and personal international tax planning services. Before joining Ernst & Young, Peter served at the Taipei National Tax Administration in the Ministry of Finance and gained mastery of taxation and tax regulations. Peter has assisted many high-end individuals ranked in Forbes Billionaires. In addition to his leadership at KEDP CPAs Group, Peter is also President of KEDP CPAs Firm, Supervisor of KEDP Charitable Trust, and Executive Director of Singapore Bo Ai Foundation Limited. Peter has nearly 30 years of personal tax planning and wealth management experience and is considered a pioneer of this sector in Taiwan. During the 1980s, when Taiwan was undergoing great industrial growth and globalization, Peter established a specialized department for personal tax services at Ernst & Young. The establishment and subsequent success of this department encouraged other members in the same trade to develop similar services. Again, during the 1990s, Peter recognized the opportunities for accountants and tax specialists to examine the accounting and financial planning needs of entities with foreign assets experiencing a rapid wealth growth from the Chinese economic reform, which brought about great economic change throughout Asia and other world economies. For the past 20 years, Peter has been providing cross-border tax accounting services between Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and the US. He advocates a global perspective for asset management, identifying and outlining potential tax issues, developing plans and strategies, enabling clients to have a complete understanding of and more security over their asset management.