JChang CPA is proud of its strategic partnership with KEDP CPA firm. Through our partnership, we are delighted to offer our clients KEDP’s specialty in private client services. In our vetting process, we not only wanted to provide private client services, but also build upon a professional relationship that will help us deliver the most effective solutions to our clients.

KEDP’S private client services has a longstanding reputation for its solid base in international individual tax services.  Founder, Peter Lu, first established this specialized service in the 1980s, when Taiwan was experiencing rapid economic growth and financial prosperity. As the business landscape changed, Peter foresaw the need to provide personal tax consulting and wealth management for the emerging high-net worth individual. In the 1990s, as cross-straits commercial business grew between China and Taiwan, Peter continued to develop similar services for tax consulting and wealth management in China.

In an increasingly interconnected international business environment, personal tax and global asset management is becoming more complex and requires greater finesse in understanding ever-changing regulations, guidelines and reporting requirements. As a pioneer in this field, KEDP is well verse in knowledge and experience in providing comprehensive global wealth management services.

Their private clients consulting services are utilized throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

Heritage Trust Planning

Financial planning for your family, which may carry from one generation to the next, requires strategic financial and estate planning tailored to your unique needs and asset ownership. As part of your Wealth Advisory Team, which typically includes your estate planning attorney, CPA and other advisors, KEDP offers several Trust and Estate Planning strategies with the goal of long-term financial stability for your family or family business. Specializing in both domestic and international estate and trust planning, KEDP provides international clientele with the right connections to set up and manage their financial planning in the US. KEDP has had alliance with trust companies and specializes cpas and attorneys in the US to help Chinese people set up a trust to manage their wealth based on distinct needs and functions. If a family can set up a trust as soon as possible, they can manage their family wealth sustainably, avoid disputes in family, have the advantages of tax-saving, and also prevent dilemmas caused by the sudden death of their loved ones.

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Real Estate & Succession Registration, Planning & Management

Succession planning is an important part of the estate planning process. Decisions regarding family-owned real estate investments can sometimes be difficult, but starting early and seeking the professional advice of experts can certainly make things easier. When succession planning is an afterthought, options become limited and families can face pitfalls, experts say.
The best time to plan for a future transition is before a family is forced to decide out of necessity, such as in the case of an untimely death or incapacity. This can be especially important when there are multiple children, some of whom may not have been directly involved with running the investments.
Real estate and inheritance issues take a considerable proportion of family wealth management, and they are even more complicated since nowadays the population and personal properties are flowing between countries.

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Individual Tax Planning – Year-end Tax Planning

KEDP has long assisted high-end individuals to carry out personal asset planning, and we can efficiently combine financial resources from the professionals in various countries, such as Taiwan, China, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia, etc. and properly allocate personal assets globally in accordance with individual needs. KEDP is always ready to adapt to changes in the global environment flexibly to help individual customers to achieve the purpose of Optimizing asset preservation.

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Trust, Estate & Gift Tax Filing

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