John Liu

CPA / Manager of International Taxation

KEDP Group/Manager of International Taxation

Areas of Expertise: International Taxation, Trusts and Estate Planning, Individual Asset& Tax Planning, International Asset Restructuring& Administration

Education: Bachelor of Finance from Portland State University

After graduating from the School of Business in Finance at Portland State University, John worked in the financial accounting department at a US trading company, familiar with company operations and US accounting systems. John later joined the transfer pricing department at Grant Thornton, specializing in transfer pricing and cross-border tax planning. John recognized the close ties between countries engaging in sharing both trade and financial information, resulting in the maturity of new technologies and enterprises. With such new growth and development, a greater demand emerged for cross-border tax and wealth management services.

With an increase in wealth migration from China to the US, John gained greater insight and experience in handling complicated cross-border tax and wealth management issues. As an experienced international tax consultant, John engages in pre-emptive tax and asset planning on behalf of his clients in order to mitigate foreseeable issues. John’s strong relationships with US trust companies offer more opportunities for his clients to explore wealth management strategies and planning. John’s career revolves around developing well-rounded international taxation and wealth management consulting services for both domestic and international clients.